PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(IX)/20-26/5

AUTHOR: Vandana,Saranjeet Singh and Vikas Chawla


ABSTRACT: The object tracking is the technique in which location of the object is tracked on the basis of probability distribution. In the technique of probability distribution location of the object is estimated on the basis of their location distribution. In the existing work, probability distribution is calculated of the single object is tracked. In the proposed work, enhancement is proposed in probability distribution algorithm in which multiple objects are tracked. In the proposed technique the morphological segmentation is applied which will scan the whole object and identify number of objects in each framer. To remove noise from the frames bilateral filter is applied. The technique of probability distribution is applied to prediction location of the object in next frame. To gather location of multiple objects technique of mean shift is applied which will gather information of multiple pixels. The simulation is performed in MATLAB and it is been analyzed that proposed algorithm performs well than existing algorithms.

KEYWORDS:Moving object Detection, Tracking.

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