PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(X)/204-207/37

AUTHOR: Anupreet Kaur Mavi


ABSTRACT :Education and appropriate skill have the potential to generate demographic dividend from the population of the nation/state. The importance of education notwithstanding, the educational scenario in Punjab is not very encouraging. The researcher thus found it imperative to analyse the educational qualifications of educated unemployed rural youth in Punjab. The main objectives of the study are: to analyse the educational qualification attained by the unemployed youth in rural Punjab, and to assess the proportion of educated unemployed youth in rural Punjab holding some kind of professional/Technical diploma/degree. The primary data was collected using multi-stage stratified sampling technique wherein three districts were chosen on the basis of literacy criterion from the state Punjab. The districts were grouped into three on the basis of literacy rates and one district was chosen from each group representing high literacy rate group(chosen district is Rupnagar with 57.11 per cent literacy rate), medium literacy group(chosen district is Amritsar with 47.39 per cent literacy rate) and from the low literacy rate (chosen district is Bathinda with 35.92 per cent literacy rate). Final selection of respondents from the selected households having matriculate and above educated members in the 18-35 years age group was done on a random basis. It was concluded that students somehow want to prolong their studies if they fail to secure a job of their liking. This is cited as one of the major reasons why more and more students seek higher education in spite of them being aware of wide spread unemployment amongst the educated. Moreover, at present our educational institutions have become more of huge factories producing graduates and post-graduates with not many opportunities for training in work situations.

KEYWORDS :educated, unemployed, Punjab, Qualifications.

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