Author : Tamanna and Professor Anu Shukla


When a writer decides to write a story, a narrator is needed to the story to the reader. A narrator is the most significant factor of fiction that talks much about the caliber of a writer. The choice of narrator or point of view is vital in displaying the perspective of the author to the readers. A writer may have a first-person or third-person point of view depending upon the need of the story. The point of view of the narrator decides much about how the readers will perceive the story. In the first-person point of view, the narrator is considered as a part and character of the story while in the third-person point of view the narrator may or may not be a character in the novel. Much depends on the role of the narrator as it is through the eyes of the narrator that the readers perceive the story. It is on the narrator that the readers rely most on upon. But what happens if the narrator turns untrustworthy? The paper will focus on the narratives of an unreliable narrator in the light of the novel Six Suspects written by Indian diplomat and established writer Vikas Swarup.

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