PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(X)/28-31/8

AUTHOR: Vinod Bakka,


ABSTRACT:A descriptive grammar sets out to language, syntactic structures and its rules as they occur in real life situation. It takes in to consideration both standard and nonstandard varieties. On the other hand prescriptive grammar explains how a language and its grammar should be used correctly. Prescriptivism is concerned with distinction of correct grammar and incorrect grammar. Though both take different approach they are used for various purposed in academic and non-academic fields as language and linguistics intersperse with other branches like anthropology , etc., When it comes to pedagogy the awareness of both will help the learners to perform accordingly depending on the context. For example prescriptivism is a standard followed in many recruitment tests and academic exams. But learners cannot talk as if they are reading from an invisible book during natural conversations in English. Hence it becomes necessary for the learners to learn Descriptive grammar as it explains the affective aspect of grammar and that speakers make meaning through a variety of choices in vocabulary, grammar.

KEYWORDS:Descriptive grammar, Prescriptive grammar, vocabulary, context of use

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