PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(X)/28-31/7

AUTHOR: Sandeep K.Swami


ABSTRACT:The Economic Development of a country depends upon various Social and Economic determinates .Among Social determinant women empowerment is very crucial because Empowerment is a powerful tool for women to achieve upward social and economic mobility and status in society. Now a day’s women performing in different sphere of activities like –Polities, academics and social work. It is now widely recognized that Economic Development of any country is possible through women empowerment and entrepreneurship among women in an important avenue through which women can aware. The emergence of women entrepreneurship and their contributions to national economy is quit visible in India. In this paper attempt has been made to understand the concept and various policies and programmes which promote entrepreneurship and leads to economic empowerment. Also some case studies are included which shows that by entrepreneurship women earned a respectable social status.

KEYWORDS:Women Empowerment, Economic Determinates, Social Status

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