PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(X)/23-27/6

AUTHOR: Dr. G. Kiran Kumar


ABSTRACT:The Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) data model holds great potential for improving access to library resources. FRBR offers us a fresh perspective on the structure and relationships of bibliographic and authority records, and also a more precise vocabulary to help future cataloguing rule makers and system designers in meeting user needs. Before introduction of FRBR our cataloguing rules tended to be very unclear about using the words ‘work’, ‘edition’, ‘item’. Even in everyday language, we tend to say a ‘book’ when we may actually mean several things. For example, when we say ‘book’ to describe a physical object that has paper pages and a binding and can sometimes be used to prop open a door or hold up a table leg, FRBR calls this as an ‘item’. When we say ‘book’ it may mean a ‘publication’ as when anyone go to a bookstore to purchase a book. One may know its ISBN but the particular copy does not matter as long as it’s in good condition and not missing pages. FRBR calls this a manifestation. The libraries need FRBR to cut costs for the description and access to resources in libraries, to encourage redesign of our systems to move us into linked data information discovery and navigation systems in the Internet environment and to make our bibliographic descriptions and access data more internationally acceptable.

KEYWORDS:FRBR, Relationship Model, E-R Model, Bibliographic Records, Resource Description

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