PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XI)/329-340/54

AUTHOR:Anil Malre


ABSTRACT: In the present days, the dream of each government is to achieve the goal of good governance. This dream can be achieved merely by promoting transparency, strengthening democracy and improving accountability and all these qualities can be attained by adopting ICT. ICT can convert old bureaucratic structure of government to e- government. E-governance is a very efficient and new concept for empowering the governments and citizens. The term e-government is used when utilize ICT to support resourceful, competent and efficient government, which is able to smooth the progress of accessible government services. It allows better access of information to public and makes administration more accountable to general public and it even entail services of delivery to general public by making use of ICT. Actually e-government leads to e-governance, a very broad and concise thought, which use ICT by government, general public and society so that better representation and participation of general public in the working of political organisation can be enhanced. Greater convenience, less corruption, cost reduction; transparency and revenue growth are some benefits of e- governance.

KEYWORDS:E-governance, Administration

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