PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XI)/316-320/52

AUTHOR:Satpal Singh


ABSTRACT: The thought process of the examination is to give a record of the exceptional kinematic parameters of take-off in triple jump and their relationship including the thorough performance of the jumpers with the assistance of various technological tools. The observations of two male triple jumpers have been recorded with a video digital camera that recorded at 50 fps. A motion analysis software (Silicon coach pro ver-8) was used to take out the kinematic attributes. By using the Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, the relation between the inquired kinematic parameters and the triple jump performances were calculated. This study found that hip joint angle at take-off and take-off time correlated negatively with the triple jump performance of the jumpers correspond to the values of correlation -0.441 and -0.407 respectively.

KEYWORDS: kinematic, jump, hip joint, take off time

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