PAPER ID:IJIM/V.4(II)/18-21/5

AUTHOR: Sushila

TITLE :STOP THE FEMALE FOETICIDE AND SAVE INDIA ABSTRACT: Female foeticide is the horrific practise of sex-selective abortion, which makes the girl child a victim of gender-rooted prejudice.and this lead to unhealthy child sex ratio. Therefore do efforts for stop the female foeticide and save India This paper examines the various reasons leading to the continuance of this practices on a large scale since many decades and still continue to demolished the position of women in Indian Society and also amongst various countries despite the existence of specific legislations aiming to criminalize and curb it. Legislative, the Judiciary and Executive should take immediate effective steps to handle such causes, which are root of such practice. Importance of women should be encouraged and all the reasons for which female foeticide is practiced should be eliminated so that women feel secure of her birth and her existence in her home and in society also.

KEYWORDS: Female Foeticide, skewed sex ratio, causes , government , technology, society.

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