PAPER ID:IJIM/V.4(II)/14-17/4

AUTHOR: Sujata Dahiya

TITLE :DEFAMATION : IN INDIAN CONTEXT ABSTRACT: In our democratic society, our constitution provides us various fundamental rights in which Right to freedom of speech and, expression (Article 19(1) (a) and right of life Article 21) most indispensable part of our life and over all development in all spheres of life. Along with this rights, certain restrictions also imposed by law to maintain peace & security in the country in the form of sections (499-502) of I.P.C & Article 19(2) of the constitution. All rights with out restrictions may be proved injurious to the community, so section 499 of Indian Penal Code 1860 put reasonable restriction on freedom of speech and expression not to violate it.

KEYWORDS: Defamation, Libel, slander, Reputation, freedom of speech and expression.

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