PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XI)/222-224/37

AUTHOR: Banish Kumar


ABSTRACT: In today’s world the emphasis has shifted from the physical and mechanical labor required by the industrial revolution to the mental labor needed to sustain the new information revolution. The invention of computers in the 1940s has altered our history, our style of living and functioning. Just as gears, gas engines, and electric motors extend our physical power, so do computers today give us the information we need to extend our thinking power. Computers have potential applications in the physical education curriculum; current usage is minimum when compared to other disciplines. However present trends indicate a substantial growth in the use of computer in a supportive role in assisting the coaches and physical teachers in the management of instructional activities. Moreover, computer programs can help solve problems such as handling of data and organization and scheduling of school facilities for physical education classes.

KEYWORDS: computer, games, technology etc.

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