PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XI)/188-193/31

AUTHOR:Dr. S. Prabakar,Dr. M. Nagarajan and Dr. A. Thirumagal


ABSTRACT:The scientometric research study is based on the literature output indexed in Web of Science on “marine”.. The year wise publications selected for the research is from 2008 to 2017. A total number of 2912 research papers are indexed in Web of Science for the above said years on “marine”. The growth of the literature from one year to another year is identified as increasing trend and at the same time with steady pace. The regression test proves that there is a significant relationship between the publications. English language plays pre-dominant role among the other language of publications on “marine”. Institution wise research on “marine” proves that China occupies the first and the third place and United States of America is place in the second place. Doubling time assessment proves that the second half of the publications are quickerthan the first half of the publications. The article is concluded with a suggestion to the MHRD of global countries to enhance the research with more funds for more innovative research on “marine”.

KEYWORDS:Marine – Scientometric–Regression Test – Doubling Time

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