PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(IX)/149-153/30 AUTHOR: Naveen Mehla TITLE :PLAGIARISM AWARENESS AMONG POST GRADUATE STUDENTS OF KURUKSHETRA UNIVERSITY KURUKSHETRA (KUK)   ABSTRACT:To be in an era flooded with availability of information on each and every topic, it becomes very handy for us all to use that information and thus catering to our various need. But the very same luxary poses a serious threat when it is used in a very casual manner i.e. without showing proper gratitude for the origination of that content or ideas for that matter. This very popper targets this grave concern namely ‘plagiarism’- to further explain the term and evaluating the awareness of this issue among scholars. How it has to be introduced effectively so that it could be understood with proper implications. To use material ethically and thus keeping all charges of intellectual theft or unethical. The study found that awareness program and plagiarism is part of PG syllabus for reducing the plagiarism.  

KEYWORDS:Plagiarism Awareness , ethical, Standard Citation System.

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