PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(X)/170-176/30

AUTHOR:Vimlesh Patel


ABSTRACT : The paper analyze the publications by using a Scientometric analysis of National Institute of Technology Raipur (NIT Raipur) during 2012 to 2016 as reflected in Web of Science database. It attempts to analyze the growth and development of research activity of NIT Raipur reflected in publications output. Data for a total of 497 have been downloaded and analysed according to objectives. The authorship pattern revel that the maximum number of papers were 162 (32.60 %) from three authors, which shows that contributors of NIT Raipur have tendency to publish their work with two or more authors which indicates the multi author pattern and shows that the contributors are collaborative in nature. The Most Productive author based on their publication it has been revel that Londhe ND, published highest numbers of papers, i.e. 30, pattern of type of document revel that research productivity in form of no. of article was highest i.e 315 (63.38%) which shows that contributors have a tendency to publish their papers in form of article. The subject wise distribution revel that Engineering is the most favoured area of research among the contributors with 47.69%, followed by Computer Science with 20.32%, Chemistry with 11.07%, Material Science 10.66%, Physics with 9.76 %. Collaboration of papers with other countries revel that USA is at the top with no. of publications is 22 (4.43%), followed by Japan & England 7 (1.41%) as a second position and Italy with no. of publication is 6 (1.21%) in third position, in terms of top participating institutions in collaboration with NIT Raipur. It is revel that authors/contributors are collaborating with many institutions to publish their papers, It has been found that within top 10 institutions Indian Institute of Technologies (IITS) found in top position

KEYWORDS :Research Productivity, Research Output ; Scientometrics analysis

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