TITLE :STRATEGIC CHALLENGES ON FTA NEGOTIATION BETWEEN INDIA AND EU ISSUES & CONCERN ABSTRACT:The India EU relations has forged to become a powerful alliance yet it still considering the unfulfilled free trade agreement to be completed at the earliest. Despite the issues on tariff has been contested and unresolved both the parties have iron out their differences to cement the ties that will favour both partners. India is an emerging country and a huge economy and it provides a huge market for European Union and thus the agreement will allow the EU to expand their market in Asia. The arrival of Narendra Modi government in New Delhi and its policy of openness in ties, the long due FTA may be resolved and would help both the players. There have been certain contested areas where India has a strong reservation due to domestic policies catering labour issues and impact of free market, EU too has forwarded its position but the negotiation between these partners may shape the ties in the coming future particularly with the change in New Delhi Government policies under Narendra Modi government.

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