PAPER ID:IJIM/V.5(XII)/22-27/3
Author Mrs. Dawa Doma Sherpa
Abstract In the rapidly changing information and knowledge era, knowledge is the most vital factor, in the development and growth of both individuals and organizations. The conventional function of academic libraries is to collect, process, disseminate, store, and utilize information to provide service to the community. However, the environment in which academic libraries operate today is changing. Today the use of ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) has absolutely changed the role and responsibilities of library professionals. The development of knowledge management in recent years has become the key concern for librarian and libraries. A well-established library management is necessary for any academic organization. Application of knowledge management in digital age is necessary to maintain relationship in between library and the user. The modern academic libraries are now focusing to deliver the information in the digital form through web, Online Public Access Catalogue via internet. Knowledge management is a viable means in which academic libraries could improve their services in the present knowledge era. In the age of digital era library, professional’s role is also changing and they are posed many challenges. This paper deals with knowledge management in digital library. This paper mainly describes the different aspects about need of knowledge Management in digital library. This paper also tries to reflect skills, current trends and challenges required for the library professionals working at digital library environment.
Keywords: Knowledge, Knowledge management, Digital library, explicit knowledge, tacit knowledge.

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