PAPER ID:IJIM/V.5(V)/15-17/3
AUTHOR: Dr. Sudesh Rawal

ABSTRACT: Marital satisfaction is one of a stable family's key attributes, and is recognised as an important indicator of overall quality of life. In daily life tension is inevitable and it can affect marital relationships. In addition, employed married people face more stressors than unmarried people , especially when their jobs are challenging and stressful. The aim of this paper is to determine whether the degree of anxiety has any Significant impacts on female life satisfaction. The greatest happiness with one's life is The dream of all women, but it seems so elusive. So what is comfortable and happy? The time has come when women in public life must come out of their homes and take up their posts. A strong housewife and mother and the best part they can play as working women. As a dutiful mother she will make happy, safe and responsible people of her children. As a housewife, she's the source of the Her husband enjoys warmth and inspiration, and as working woman she works outside.

Keywords :Anxiety, Life Satisfaction, Martial satisfaction
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