PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XII)/13-20/3

AUTHOR:Chithra L, Jinu S. Rajan and Dr. B. Mini Devi


ABSTRACT: This paper is aimed to analyse digital literacy among B. Ed students in Kollam district. For this purpose, students from two government and two aided B.Ed colleges in Kollam district is selected for the study. A structured questionnaire is prepared and distributed among 182 students. The major findings includes, 1) Majority of the students are aware of E-journals and E- books. 2) They have adequate knowledge in attaching a file to an e-mail and to download and save document. 3) Majority Of students use CD-ROM, Maps and slides. 4) Among e- resources e-journals, e- books and ETDs were identified as most preferred. 5) Majority of B. Ed students use e-resources for preparing to competitive, to update knowledge and to collect materials for teaching. 6) Google is the most preferred search engine by B. Ed students. 7) Among softwares and tools, B. Ed students rarely use word processing soft wares and excel worksheet. But they browse internet every day and use e-mail frequently.8) Among OPAC search options, Author, Title and Subject were used frequently. 9) Students need training to get needful information form internet and techniques to retrieve more and relevant results. 10) Low internet access speed, difficulty in accessing relevant information and lack of support from IT staff is a problem to majority of students.

KEYWORDS: Digital Literacy, Education, Information Literacy, B. Ed Students

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