PAPER ID:IJIM/V.5(III)/15-21/3

AUTHOR:Shrijita Kesharwani,


Abstract :Why are certain people detained, denied of few liberties? This question is indeed very basic and hence the simple answer is that they have committed either crime or delinquent. They are hence kept in jails. They are confined so that it protects the society from the crime they have committed and so these prisoner’s retrospect their action. But this very purpose is not mostly fulfilled. The prison system in India tends to have an arrangement which regards punishment as the sole objective of prisons. India has laws such as the Prisons Act, 1894 that has rules and regulations regarding prison administration. It is an age-old Act which was developed during reign of Britishers’. The world now has prison systems are evolved and developed, similarly India needs to catch up as well. The United Nations favour various other alternatives to imprisonment. India is far from alternatives because of various hindrances faced by prisoners in the faulty prison system. The paper discusses in detail about the prisoners, prison administration. Besides these prisoners, although denied liberties, do not cease to be human beings therefore the paper discusses about their rights. There have been many disturbances in the way of reformation of prison system, the research paper contemplates about these hindrances in detail as well. Among all of these, let’s not forget that it is still developing prison administration. There have been annual reports and evolving various reforms for its prisoners.

Keywords :liberties, delinquent, system, imprisonment, crime, disturbances, hindrances.

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