PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(X)/123-126/22

AUTHOR: Prof. Jyoti A. Chougale,Prof. Shraddha D. Khupate and Prof. Ketaki P. Bodhe


ABSTRACT: In the present study, the development of advertising and emotional touch is given to the advertisements is considered. Advertising is very important factor in the process of promotion of any product or service. While in country like India, where market having perfect competition situation with huge and versatile population. It is very difficult for organisations to retain their customers. And for this they spend large amount on ad campaigns. Creative teams of ad agencies are continuously searching for new ideas for the campaign. In the past decades, the theme was focused on kids, home-makers, action, comedy and sexual appeal, now emotional advertisements have taken a centre stage. India is the country where emotions and family have so much value in the life of any person than any other stuff. By using this point as key of success for the campaign. Because of current lifestyle, attachment among people is decreasing. Ads trying to create new feel about old relations. Descriptive study was carried out by using a questionnaire and the collected data were analysed by using simple statistical tools like percentage analysis etc.

KEYWORDS: Advertising, Trend in advertising, Customer Satisfaction.

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