PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XI)/133-136/21

AUTHOR: Dr. Ekta Mahajan


ABSTRACT: Today the mass media plays a major role in India. Most of the public depends upon mass media and with the help of media public can become aware of happenings around them. However, in this mass media Newspapers , Radio and Television plays major role. In most of the awareness advertisements, messages are not effective in reaching intended target group and public. Public Service advertisements can be created in a manner so that it stays on the public mind and the benefits of awareness will reach the public more. Public Service advertisements focus on issues that impact society on a larger scale, such as Family Planning, national integration, polio eradication, pollution control, smoking, alcohol, Safe Driving, Obesity, Smoking, Fitness, Education, Gambling, Safe sex, , HIV/AIDS etc. Their main purpose is to create awareness through powerful direct messages but community participation is considered important in reaching the message. These types of announcements do not sell products and services but ideas. Such advertisements are generally inexpensive. The only cost is production. It is encourages audience to do something useful. Public service advertisements goal is not to make a big scale profit but rather to change public opinion and raise awareness in the Society of any issues or any announcements by Government Celebrities are easily recognizable by the public as brand ambassadors in PSAs so that the product or message will reach public soon. However, public service announcements conveys message through artists but now some of the celebrities like Aamir Khan, Amithabh Bachan, Shabana Azmi, Vidya Balan, Sachin Tendulkar started to spread awareness in government making advertisesments. To conclude, this research attempts to find out the impact of regional language in Public Service Advertising

Public Service Advertising, Mass media, public opinion, brand ambassadors, regional language.

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