PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(IX)/113-117/21

AUTHOR: Nisha Kumari


ABSTRACT:Organizational Culture is an important component of today’s management practices at university level. The objective of the research paper to investigate the Organizational Culture at University level in two selected Public and Private Universities and to find out the difference of organizational culture among the Public and Private University culture. The Competing Values Framework was used to explore the organizational culture type identified by the faculty members of these universities. This framework evaluates the Organizational Culture grounded on four types of culture: Clan, Hierarchy, Adhocracy, and Market. The outcome of this research, Public University faculty member’s shows Hierarchy Culture type as current Organizational Culture. However, Private University faculty member’s shows Market Culture type as current Organizational Culture. The statistical analysis was based on 160 respondents (faculty members) in the selected two public and private universities.

KEYWORDS:Organizational Culture, Competing Values Framework Public and Private Universities.

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