PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XII)/125-126/20

AUTHOR:Vikash Kumar and Prof. Kultaj Singh


ABSTRACT:The purpose of the study was to highlight the performance of Dr. Dalel Singh as an outstanding Volleyball player, as a trainee, as a coach, as a sports administrator & sports promoter. The contributions and achievements of Arjuna Awardee Dr. Dalel Singh in the field of sports are appreciable. A case study has been designed in which historical, biographical, analytical and interpretive methods were utilized. Data/information for this investigation was derived from the primary and secondary sources. The data for investigation were derived from personal records, pictorial records and published material. Interview techniques were used to obtain responses and reactions about Arjuna Awardee Dr. Dalel Singh from selected eminent sportspersons his family members, colleagues and trainees. As a sportsperson, Dr. Dalel Singh brought honor for his school, college, university and state in many tournaments. In 1979-80, after the Inter-University Tournament, he was selected for coaching camp for Asian Youth Volleyball championship and later on for the world youth championship. After that, he never looked back on the basis of his performance he booked his birth in senior Indian volleyball team in 1981. Being a sports administrative he provides many facilities to the trainees or players i.e. cash awards, good quality of playing kits, standard equipment’s etc. so that every player can give his best. He organized inter college; inter-University & national level tournaments to improve the skills of the players. He is also known as a good administrator due to his fair decision power in the selection of team, providing experts for coaching & to motivate his staff of sports department especially coaches to do their duty with honesty.

KEYWORDS:Volleyball, Analytical, University Tournament, Arjuna Awardee, Eminent Sportsperson, Sports Administrative.

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