PAPER ID:IJIM/V.5(V)/8-14/2
AUTHOR:Pardeep kumar

ABSTRACT:Abstract: Background: The medical area has widespread utility of various scanning like Ultrasound, CT, X-rays, and MRI. These methods are considered helpful in contributing knowledge to the interior parts of the human body. Yet, there exists a deficiency in getting knowledge about the exterior body parts which can immediately obtain accepted responsibility through 3D Scanning technologies. A considerable number of analysis writings regarding various scanning methods and 3D scanning were analyzed to recognize the influence of them and the succeeding analysis.
Objective: Physicians and technologists utilize convenient scanning technologies within various sub-medical areas. This article endeavors to discover the expertly possible method of 3D scanning technologies in the therapy sector by improving the 3D scanning model of human head. This article will encourage physicians for the fittest approach upon the sufferer with tremendous information, least hazards, and maximizing advantages.
Materials and methods: In this research we have taken 10 experiments on 7 persons, and all the scanning are performed by using different-2 parameters and the 3D models were acquired with their quality ratings out of ten. All these experiments are done by using the handheld Sense 3D scanner. Finally this study achieved desired parameters of 3D scanning for human head.
Result: A customized 3D model is acquired by applying the variable parameters like distance of the object from scanner, angle of the scanner with the object, and rotational speed of body which we want to scan. Finally this study achieved optimization parameters of 3D scanning model of human head.
Conclusion: After applying different-2 parameters in this study, it is clear that optimization parameters to human head for 3D scanning were as follows: intensity of light =17.5, type of the surface which is to be scan, varying distance of the scanner to the object =15 to 3 inches, variation in angle of scanner =+/-45 degree, and the speed of rotation =120 minutes and hence finally the optimized parameters for 3D scanning to customized a 3D model of human head is obtained.

Keywrods :3D scanning, optimization parameters, customized 3D model.
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