PAPER ID:IJIM/V.4(II)/7-10/2

AUTHOR: Dr.Shiv Kumar singh and Anand Prakash Srivastava

TITLE :DIGITAL LIBRARY: A BENEFICIAL APPROACH ABSTRACT:The advent of multimedia technology has given rise to digital library which is becoming an imperative component in the electronic environment. Digital library provides easy access to digital collections or documents where user can search and retrieve the documents of his interest in an electronic environment. Digital library provides an effective means to distribute learning resources to users. Application of ICT has provided wider opportunities in archiving & accessing Knowledge in digital form besides conservation & preservation of the traditional knowledge. The present study focuses on the benefits of Digital Library in an information era. In an information era, digital library became very necessary to meet the changing information needs of users. Digital library provides enhanced access to the electronic information sources and the users can access different types of relevant & recent information with a short span of time. This Study also discusses the features, purpose and downsides of the digital library.

KEYWORDS: Digital library, ICT, Internet, Electronic Environment.

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