AUTHOR:Dr. Sudesh Rawal

TITLE :COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AND RESOLUTION FOR WOMEN AT WORKPLACE ABSTRACT:Conflict resolution is the ability to intelligently, appropriately, and accurately define and resolve disputes. Supervisors have to deal with disputes in the workplace each day. As conflicts are a normal part in a corporation. All wants to prove how important they are to the organization with whom they work and, at times, this will lead to disputes with other staff members. Historically, women have been enslaved in political, economic, and cultural terms. This system of injustice creates disputes, sustains and worsens other conflicts and trashes to women. Women workers and Workplace Conflict are rapidly growing issue in status of women. The purpose of this study is to simulate the mindset of women employees in violent confrontations. The study shows that rather than addressing the issue, they control the situation as to guarding their self-image.

Keywords:Conflict management, Resolution, workplace

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