AUTHOR:Banish Kumar and Ajit Singh


Abstract:The purpose of the study was to highlight the performance of Smt. Anju Dua as an outstanding gymnastic player, as a trainee, as a coach, as a sports promoter and the contributions and achievement of Arjuna Awardee Anju Dua in the field of sports and distinguished features of her life a case study has been designed in which historical, biographical, analytical and interpretive methods were utilized. Data/information for this investigation was derived from the primary and secondary sources. The data for investigation were derived from personal records, pictorial records and published material. Interview technique was used to obtain responses and reactions about Arjuna Awardee Anju Dua from selected eminent sports persons from India, her coach Mr. Subash Sharma and her family members. Arjuna Awardee Anju Dua represented her school, college, university, her state in many tournaments and brought honor. Being deaf and dumb she competed in normal category in the national championships along with the rest of the participants, asking for no favors and won ten Gold, 23 Silver and 11 Bronze during the three years from 1987 to 1990 in addition she was declared the Best Gymnast at the senior nationals held at Kottayam in 1989. A regular member of Haryana squad Anju has been taking part in the various state and All India Competitions including junior and senior nationals form 1979. Though a regular in the state meets since 1979. Anju first came to Nationals limelight in 1984 when she won the team championship of the 27th Senior National Gymnastics Championship held in Jabalpur, a performance she repeated in the next two Nationals held in Bangalore and Sangrur. She was especially good at Vaulting Horse, an even in which she topped in the Nationals held at Cuttack in 1987. Kottayam and Udaipur in 1989 and Delhi in 1991.

Keywords: National Gymnastics, Kottayam and Udaipur, biographical  

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