PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XII)/109-112/17

AUTHOR: Dr. Shilpa S Uplaonkar and Mr. Harshavardhan S. Maga


ABSTRACT:Educational efforts over several years have seen the positive involvement of libraries in education by offering their referral services, information and teaching resources. Individual tutoring programs and educational classes, besides their outreach to specific people’s groups with educational handicaps taken up now by libraries, alludes to their active and enhanced involvement in education. Distribution of resource materials to institutions, including hospitals, prisons, homes for the disabled and aged, rehabilitation centres and groups with education related problems and adolescents involved in crime, unemployment and the like, makes a visible impact on their education. Libraries are plays vital role in user education, which cannot be separated from education. The provision of libraries is crucial and indispensable to education in a nation. Therefore, whatever is done to improve the quality of education is done to improve the nation. The absence of libraries will have negative effects on education. Therefore, individual learners should be encouraged to use them.

KEYWORDS:Libraries, education, resources and services, science and technology

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