PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(XI)/104-108/17

AUTHOR:P. Arul Pragasam


ABSTRACT:Millions of students across India cannot benefit fully from a traditional educational program because they have a disability that impairs their ability to participate in a typical classroom environment. The emergence and use of information technology is the century’s most significant development affecting scholarly communication. The information seeking behavior of students, researchers and faculty in the e-environment are discussed in detail. Explored the open educational resources created by different organizations are emphasized for open access. Open courseware, which is available in audio-visual and textual open educational resources are given examples in this paper. Role of library professionals for making the e-resources available to different types of user community is discussed in detail. Impact of students towards e-resources is given with the evaluation of them. It has been concluded that e-resources helps for anytime availability and easy to access, which helps for the researchers to carry out the research on time.

KEYWORDS: E-Resources Open Educational Resources, Courseware, ICT, Education, Library.

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