PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(VIII)/94-98/16

AUTHOR: Mamta Amarpuri and Hema Adhikari


ABSTRACT: A copyright law is concerned with the usage of information legally. The copyright law gives the authority and legal consent to use, reproduce, to distribute the work. A copyright law allows the owner to carry out all his work legally either it is in the form of print or digitized form. In this case an author and an owner of publishing becomes responsible for publishing and receiving the royalties. This paper highlights that why it is essential to follow the copyright law to get the publishing done through print or online mode. How is the statement of statute gives complete authority to use the work freely? It removes the fear of stealing or misusing the content by anyone. Since we know that internet and use of online modes of publishing work have added a new dimension to the information retrieval, so it is more important to know the role and proper functioning of copyright laws in case of both online or print publishing.

Keywords : Copyright Law, Joint authorship, copyright law for a book, journal, database and software.

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