PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(IX)/76-79/14

AUTHOR:Mani Bhusan Roy and Dr. Naresh Kumar


ABSTRACT:Automation of library services and the use of open source software are essential for efficiency and effectiveness and at a minimal cost, too. Library automation benefits both the library staff and the users as it reduces the level of job stress on the staff and enhances remote and timely provision of up-to-date information to the users. This literature based opinion paper majorly aimed to establish the relevance of using open source software in library automation. To achieve this goal, the paper was divided into sub-headings that respectively highlighted the relevance of library automation, spelt out the salient issues to consider in library software selection, and discussed the characteristics of OSS that qualify them to be effective library automation software, and enumerated and briefly discussed the various OSS available for integrated library management. Recommendations on the key factors that should be prioritized for the achievement of a successful automation of the library services with the open source software is equally made in the paper.

KEYWORDS:Library automation, Open Source Software, Library effectiveness, Software selection criteria.

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