PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(VIII)/61-66/11

AUTHOR: Mahesh G T and Dr. Adithyakumari H


ABSTRACT: In higher education, Universities are very significant and are playing a very important role in the teaching and learning process of distance learners. A key aspect in any educational process is the availability, convenience and ease of using library and information resources and its services. The current study investigates the distance learners’ information seeking behaviour on the role of the University library services in facilitating their learning and their satisfaction with the sources and services currently provided. Collection of data was done from 1550 randomly selected distance education students in DCC & DE of Bangalore University. The findings of the study shows that the majority of respondents’ i. e 789 (54.60%) acknowledged the role of library is important in facilitating distance education, and 583 (40.30%) respondents opined good, followed by 338 (23.40%) respondents opined very good and 153 (10.60%) opined excellent about the role of University libraries in meeting their information needs. Although there are few areas that have to be improved such as extended opening hours for personal visits and access, more library assistance and borrowing facilities in spite of the services for remote access support. It is observed from the study that frequency on use of University libraries on the whole, a majority 786 (54.4%) respondents indicated only during the contact classes they visit the library and 639 (44.20%) distance students are partially satisfied with the University library. The current study findings will be very much helpful to University libraries offering distance learning programmes in providing improved library and information services to distance students for their academics.

Keywords : Information Seeking Behaviour, Bangalore University, Distance Learners, Role of University Libraries, Library Facilities

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