PAPER ID:IJIM/V.3(V)/1-7/1

AUTHOR: Harpreet Kaur and Sarabjit Singh


ABSTRACT:The study and analysis of poetic language is equivalent to the study of poetry in itself. The study regarding the language of poetry coincided with the beginning of deliberation on poetry at a global level. However, this deliberation based study and analysis relied more on various forms and formations of poetry instead of a proper analysis of poetic language. In other words it can be stated, that there is a long tradition and history regarding the study of poetic forms but the actual realisation of poetic language as an independent object of study was realized much later. The poetic language demands attention as a completely unique discipline in itself. An independent study regarding poetic language is believed to have taken its origin from the New Criticism and Formalism Schools of Criticism but a systematic study of poetry in respect to its special and unique nature and its meanings was established by the Indian Poetic Study Model and the Greek School of thought which put into practice the use of other techniques of poetry through its uniqueness and its difference from layman's language in comparison to the scientific and discourse based studies.

KEYWORDS: Poetic Language, Poetic Study Model, Greek School of Thought

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