PAPER ID:IJIM/V.4(I)/1-4/1

AUTHOR: Dileep Kumar Dubey


Abstract :The sapid advancement in Information Technologies has revolution the sole of libraries. Information Technology has its own niche in every aspect of life in the society. Changes in society & technology made variation in the life style of Indian people and their views &attitude towards the libraries. Today digital world is concerned, with creating, sharing & using information in digital form. Information Technology has almost converted the world into a global village. The rise of digital libraries has brought phenomenal change in the progress of collection, storage, preservation of rare documents, retrieval & dissemination of information. Now –a-days the ICT is considered as an important commodity and is playing an important sole for development in all fields such as education, research etc. The present study focuses on the functional aspect of the digital library. In the present society, digital libraries are playing a key role in disseminating information by providing different types of relevant & recent information to the users with a short span of time. The digital library can provide enhanced access to the electronic information sources and the users can access the digital content irrespective of time & space boundaries. This study also discusses the core elements and functional components of the digital library.

Abstract :Information Technology, Information and communication Technology, Digital library.

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