PAPER ID:IJIM/V.4(V)/1-3/1

AUTHOR:Dr. Usha Mandhan

TITLE :MONISHA’S PLIGHT IN THE ANITA DESAI’S VOICES IN THE CITY ABSTRACT:Anita Desai is one of the most prominent names in the arena of the writers of feminine sensibility. She writes about a domestic world with a focus of delving deep into the interior of mind. Each of her novels is an endeavour to tackle the central problem of modern man – the problem of identity-crisis. In Voices in the City, Anita Desai creates a fictional world delineating four characters of the Ray family – Nirode, Monisha, Amla and their mother. All these characters are intense, self-absorbed and possessed by a conscience that never allows them peace of mind. The present paper focuses on life of Monisha. It is an attempt to explore the predicament of Monisha in a dehumanized society – how she gets a release from a life of gloom and despair.

KEYWORDS: self-realisation, truth, sensibility, essential wisdom, alienation

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