AUTHOR: Dr. Anita Rani
FDI is a key issue of our economy particularly after the implementation of economic reforms in the decade of ninety Indian retail industry is emerging as one of the most attractive sector for the foreign investors. Despite of the changes and its contribution to the economy, retailing countries to be the one of the least evolved industry of Indian economy. The growth of Indian organized retail is much slower as compared to other countries. FDI is playing a considerable role in the growth and development of retail industry in India. It has an effect on a number of stakeholder engaged in the process of retailing that influence retailers to end consumers. Since 1991, Government of Indian has taken major initiatives to attract FDI in retail sector through liberalizing its FDI policy. Therefore, in the era of liberalization of FDI policy, Indian has to face many challenges regarding the FDI issue in the retail sector. The review paper is based some of the important studies conducted by various researches for finding the FDI in Indian retail sector. Thus the present paper makes a modest attempt to understand the recent trends in FDI inflow in India. And suggests that unorganized retailer is required to upgrade their retail stare to meet the challenges of the dynamic retail environment.
Keywords: FDI, inflows, Retailing, Organized retailing, Unorganized retailing, Single Brand Retail, Multi Brand Retail

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