PAPER ID:IJIM/V.5(II)/1-12/1

AUTHOR: Parveen Kumar Rajput

TITLE :CONTEMPORARY MURALIST OF DELHI ABSTRACT:Mural is an art work which is done directly or indirectly on the wall and ceiling of permanent surfaces. Mural art plays a great role in this present society. Almost for all the times to come it leaves its print on the walls constructed by human so as to show the importance of this mural art. This art plays a heroic part to high light the inner abilities of the artist. The jewels of inner wisdom are reflected on the walls of the building which in turn enlightens the minds of the viewers. It takes the viewers to the heights of imaginations and learning .Thus the artist with his clean and clear vision transforms the society. Ajanta and Ellora caves are the best examples of Indian murals.
Murals are done in many places of Delhi, such as IGI, Cannaught Place, ITO, Metro Stations, Safdarjung Hospital, Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, Jain Mandir Dadabari etc. Murals are executed insight and outside of the buildings of government and private. All these murals are done by the artist team of different places, Delhi muralists are part of them and they are remarkably skilled with the entire treatment of mural installation, presentation in composition, perspective and visual effects. They are making abstract and realistic mural al well as mural paintings. Paintings are Traditional in forms, styles and religious in subject matter of temples.
As Delhi is concern with many types of murals demand. It is increasing just like anything. People and government are getting aware of mural art and creating Delhi as wonder. Metro stations are the best examples of it. Present mural artist are doing their work with zeal, and experimenting with new methods and materials, according to the demand of the client artist are getting good remuneration for their work.

Keywords:Contemporary Muralist, Murals

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