AUTHOR: Nandini Sharma

TITLE :CITATION ANALYSIS OF CHEMISTRY LITERATURE CITED IN DOCTORAL THESES SUBMITTED IN NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HAMIRPUR (HIMACHAL PRADESH) ABSTRACT:The present research paper contains 2925 citations that have been taken from 10 Doctoral theses in Chemistry admitted to National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, from 2008-2015. Aim of the present study is to find out the year wise distribution of Chemistry Doctoral theses, form of cited documents, authorship pattern and collaborative research trend, obsolescence of cited journals and books, chronological distribution of citations and preparing ranking of journals in the field of Chemistry. The study reveals that journals were the most cited documents and “Journal of Applied Polymer Science” was the most cited journal as cited 228 (8.31%) times. Majority of the studies were conducted by three authors. It can be concluded that this study will provide a reliable base to the librarians of NIT’s while planning selection and acquisition of the relevant reading material in the subject of Chemistry.

KEYWORDS:Citation analysis, Chemistry, NIT

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