PAPER ID:IJIM/V.5(X)/11-17/3
AUTHOR: Purnima Chugh
Abstract: In India, we have quite 900 million mobile users however still mobile banking is employed by more or less 40 million customers. There are often numerous reasons behind this such as need of active collaboration between banks and Telecom Company, lack of accessibility to customers, cost, and awareness concerning the mobile banking applications etc. bank have to be compelled to work on making mobile banking awareness among the purchasers. They have to push the advantages of mobile banking and its effectiveness. In today’s business technology, In today’s business technology, banking is the backbone of the every and each business. Technology plays a crucial role in it. The role of technology is dynamical Apace day to day, which is additionally promoted the bank and monetary institutions. Bank is one in all the very best financial establishments that frequently explored use and advantages of technology provided to customers through variety of services. Mobile banking is a service that helps the customer to handle financials transaction or operations with the help of mobile device. Mobile devices include Smartphone, tablets, etc. Mobile banking introduce the use Smartphone or other devices to operate online banking transactions while far away from your computer, laptop or any other device, such as transfer money from one account to another account, electricity bill payments, gas bill payments, recharge mobile, online shopping, etc. Mobile banking is service, which is added by bank or financial institutions that allow to its customers to operate financial or banking transactions by using Smartphone or tablets. Mobile banking is available 24*7 for customers for financial transactions. The bank offered mobile banking services to their customers to extend many customers and take advantage these services. Mobile banking is the one in every of the world’s growing and fastest mobile technology. Cashless baking is that in which all the transitions are done by using credit card, debit card or any other electronic paying method like net banking or unified payment method (UPI).
Keywords: Mobile Banking

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