PAPER ID:IJIM/V.5(VI)/19-27/4
AUTHOR: Tapas Pal and Dr. Rabindranath Kar
Abstract: Now-a-days, our society has been changed radically. The need of the users has changed simultaneously. Information Communication Technology (ICT) extents rise to new advantages and opportunities for teaching-learning process. It is an important task that benefited for storing and processing of the information in electronic platform and to share, to retrieve and to disseminate of that information from the digital forms in a single click. In this regard some challenges are established in respect of open and distance learning regarding how teaching and learning should be organised and managed. Presently, most of the Higher Educational Institution is using the ICT and its technology for better educational services to its learners. But much of the learning materials were locked up behind its passwords within proprietary systems. These are not easily accessible for the outsiders. The movement of Open Educational Resources (OER) is to break down such barrier and to develop the different process and techniques for searching and retrieving the appropriate information freely. OER accept only the process of e-learning in the field of open and distance learning mode. OER addressed a good number of issue and prospective towards e-learning in open and distance learning mode that highlighted a paradigm shifting in higher education in India. This paper presents the conceptual and contextual aspect on OER and discusses the e-learning process and indicate that how to attach with the OER environment. It also focuses the some issues and perspectives in case of open and distance learning with the help of e-learning in India.
Keywords: OER; 5R’s; E-resource; Management; Initiatives; NPTEL; Challenges

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