PAPER ID:IJIM/V.2(VIII)/67-74/12

AUTHOR: Muhammed Jabir M M


ABSTRACT: The present study focus on strategies of adaptation and the supporting mechanism available for return emigrants from Gulf countries in Kerala. The evidence is drawn from in-depth interviews conducted among 250 return migrants and 30 key informants. The study used Kerala, a southern state of India as a study area where the state with largest concentration of migrants and returns migrants in the country. The State has been highly affected due to the sudden return of migrants from Gulf countries due to Economic recession in 2008, ‘Nitaqath policy’ in 2012, Localization of business and trades adopted by the Saudi government, Oil price decrease and internal conflict among Gulf countries recently. The impact of return flows is very severe to the state as well as to the migrants in the form of declining remittance, unemployment scenario, demographic changes and rehabilitation problems, etc. This paper examines the coping strategies adopted by migrants to various problems in post return period and supporting mechanism available for reintegration process. The paper argues that there is less opportunities for enhanced reintegration in the State and suggests the need of systematic policy initiatives and planning in accordance with the larger strength return migrants at the local level with support of every stakeholder, i.e., the local communities, local self-governments and the migrants themselves.

Keywords : Return migration; Coping strategies; Reintegration, Supporting mechanism, Policies

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